"Freeze your Age"

With High Concentrated Fish Collagen & Grape Seed Extract

MAXENTA Fish Skin Collagen Peptide, the Anti-Aging Functional Food that helps to restore our bodies to the prime of youthful beauty and health by high concentration & Low Molecular Weight of Fish Collagen Peptide (Amino Acid) and Grape Seed Extract (flavonoid).

Comprehensive Beauty formula

Fish Skin Collagen Peptide (5000mg) MAXENTA Fish Collagen Peptide produce by wild caught Alaska Pollock Skin. The fish Skin Collagen Peptide has a similar molecular structure to human collagen, and its 1800 Dalton molecular size (Nano Grade) can be absorbed more effectively by the body. It can repair the dermis, enhance the absorption of nutrients and water, improve dry skin; the cells become perfect, and thus improve dry skin; the cells become perfect, and thus improve the skin problems such as sagging skin, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Grape Seed Extract contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), a naturally occurring polyphenol extracted from the outer shells of seeds of red grapes. It is a powerful antioxidant which is 20 times stronger than vitamin C and 50 times stronger than vitamin E at scavenging free radicals. Grape seed extract provide us better protection from free radical damage, strengthen blood capillaries, maintain healthy skin, as well as to maintain general well-being.

9 Major Beauty Benefit

1Whitening & Antioxidant properties

2Increase skin elasticity and reduce sagging

3Hydrates skin and helps to reduce fine lines

4Tighten connective tissue for Breast & Hip Firming

5Assists in burning excess body fat

6Helps to reduce opens pores

7Speed Up Metabolism

8Protect against UV Rays

9Repair Joint & Bone

7 Characteristic

Zero Fat Lab Test Proven Zero Fat

Zero Additive No Preservatives, artificial coloring and food additives

Zero Pollution Source from Alaska Pollock Fish

Rich Amino Acid Contains 16 Type Amino Acid

Small Molecular Weight 1800 Dalton (High Absorption Rate)

Quality GMP, HACCP & FDA Certified Manufacturer

Approved Approval from Ministry of Health



1. How to consume MAXENTA Fish Collagen Peptide?

You can mix 1 Sachet of Maxenta Collagen with Juice, Coffee, Milo, Milk, Soup, Water, tea and etc.

2. How long it takes to see the effectiveness?

Generally the effectiveness can be seen after 3 weeks of consumption.

3. Will I gain weight?

1 Sachet of MAXENTA Fish Collagen Peptide contains 18.8 kcal per serving only. You can take it even when you are on a diet.

4. Are collagen supplements necessary for someone in their 21s like me?

Did you know that collagen starts to decrease drastically after age 21s? Factors such as ultraviolet light and stress accelerate the loss of collagen. An early start is recommended.

5. Is it all right to drink it while I'm pregnant?

MAXENTA Fish Collagen Peptide Contain rich in Amino Acid & Fish Protein, so it is suitable for pregnancy women. If you are unsure about this, I recommend that you consult your doctor.

6. When is the best time to consume MAXENTA Fish Collagen Peptide?

We Recommend Before Breakfast or Before Sleep.

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